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sanzida aktar
Jul 18, 2022
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A patient came a few days ago and asked for a revision of the medical certificate. At that time, his thigh was sprayed with a nail from a nail gun. The diagnosis was: "thigh puncture injury". The doctor's order wrote: "removal by iron nails", but he requested that it be changed to "foreign body removal". I checked it out of curiosity and found some interesting things, so I organized another article for you. It seems that no one on the market has written from this angle yet, please correct me if I am wrong. 1. Approval of surgery Why change this thing? Because it is related to the identification of surgery. 123140626_10159205820343470_734650372572 Photo Credit: Dr. Lin Yiting At present, medical insurance/surgery insurance, surgical identification can be photo background removing roughly divided into three categories: The first category: There is a custom surgery table, and the surgery is in it, and the surgery is not in it. Category 2: Surgical procedures listed in " Chapter 2, Section 7, Part II, Health Insurance Benefit ", hereinafter referred to as "227". Some insurance companies are very strict, and the provisions clearly state that the definition of "surgery" is the surgery listed in Section 227. (There is also the addition of chapter 334 on dental surgery) The third category: there is no definition, and a loose identification is adopted. As long as there is anesthesia and disinfection, the use of surgical instruments, and sutures, it can be identified as surgery. Therefore, there is a lot of controversy in this area. Occasionally, it is heard that policyholders and insurance companies have come to the review center to determine whether or not to operate. 2. What are the benefits of being identified as "surgery"? The point is, what is the benefit of a certain treatment being identified as surgery? In insurance, going to the emergency room and going to the outpatient clinic are the same concept, so if you go home after the operation in the emergency department, it is equivalent to outpatient surgery. The most popular out-of-
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sanzida aktar

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