Why passive income is very important and how being an online Teacher is a better option?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021


The internet has been a boom in the current era and things got to a next level after the pandemic hit the whole world. Many businesses from small to big started making their presence online. Meanwhile when these businesses were undergoing a drastic change in such a short span,, there was also another sector which was taking education to the next level. Companies like Byju's,Cuemath,White hat junior and much more saw multi-million dollar capital being infused into it. So it definitely means that these ed-tech companies are going to be there in the market for very long. Many students, professionals, teachers have already booked their spot in top companies. So at present there is high competition among these companies and also between those people who want to start their career in one of these companies.

Do you need experience to teach ?

Experience in any field always comes in handy when it comes to ace an interview but it isn't necessary if you had the passion of teaching and have some extra hours which you can invest on it. Ideally big ed-tech companies do hire teachers with experience but there are also other companies who train, assess, certify freshers who are actively looking for a job or trying to make a passive income. So experience will land you on a step further but on the other hand given the current circumstances one can easily get into online teaching.

What do I teach?

The very first moment you decide to teach, the next question that arises is "What should I teach ?" Basically you can teach anything which you do have an average knowledge, and it depends on how confident you are in delivering the same. At present there is a massive demand for coding teachers and if you are someone who is familiar with html, css, java script, python, C etc and you can teach the fundamentals to the young generation ,

then it is your cup of tea to get into the field immediately. For others who do not have coding knowledge , you can teach school syllabus which involves maths, science, social science etc.. So it is completely dependent on what you want to teach.

I have zero experience which company should I choose to get into this career option?

As discussed earlier experience is a necessary element but you can get into a very good company as a fresher, provided, you finish the training, get certified as a teacher and then start your career. Out of all top companies CUEMATH provides you the best way to start your career as they give you the required training, check your knowledge, evaluate you and then certify you as a qualified teacher. So as a fresher I would suggest personally to choose Cuemath as your first step towards entering this wonderful field of teaching.

About Cuemath

With its founder, CEO Manan Khurma, Cuemath is an globally recognised online platform, which has made a firm foothold into various nations. The whole moto of this organisation is making the world’s children great at math and coding, and create invincible problem-solvers who will go on to solve humanity’s biggest problems. With such an big aspiration Cuemath also focuses on the quality of teachers getting hired by training them in their

own unique way.

What do you need to be a Cuemath teacher?

Skills: Requirements: An affinity for or interest in math/coding A personal computer/laptop and a headset Strong logical reasoning skills Consistent availability during chosen class hours Basic computer literacy

Patience and passion for teaching

The 5-step selection process

1. Profile Shortlisting Steps application process that takes less than 2 mins. Once you submit this application, we will call you to explain the opportunity, understand your profile, and answer all your questions on how this partnership will help you reach greater heights. Your application will then be shortlisted based on a quick background check.

2. Registration Once shortlisted, you'll have to pay a small one-time fee of up to Rs.9990(when I joined it was 6999) for training and certification, apart from which you also get a Wacom tablet worth Rs. 4500. You can earn back this investment within 1 month of teaching on Cuemath.

3. Video Assessment We'll ask for a short 3-mins video where you answer a few questions for us to assess you on parameters such as English proficiency, work background, speech delivery, teaching environment, posture and energy, etc. You don't need prior teaching experience, only a strong grasp of subject fundamental concepts (Math/Coding), a good desktop/laptop, a web camera, a good bandwidth internet connection, and a will to become the best, The Cuemath Standard!

4. Training and Evaluation We will train you to become an expert in the best ways to make kids learn. It is designed to help you get certified in 1 week. Once you finish your training, our senior expert teachers will do a final evaluation with a full demo class.

5. Certification Upon clearing the evaluation, you become a Cuemath Certified Expert and can easily earn over Rs 40000 a month working for only 3 hours a day, 6 days a week on flexible timings from the comfort of your home. Many teachers earn upwards of Rs 80000 per month.

It is now or never !

Since this sector is in high demand , the process of being an part of an well established organisation is being saturated every day and it is getting more and more harder to get into this awesome par time /full time career option. Never miss this opportunity and get yourself registered under cuemath as early as possible. If you have any doubts regarding the whole process feel free to connect with me. Happy Teaching !


best wishes,

John Sharon Kumar.J

Online educator Cuemath.


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