The interesting origin(history) of saree and its present form !|

When it comes to traditional attire, saree has its own place right on top! It is of different types in the form silk, cotton, chiffon and much more. The history about the origin of saree is as attractive as the desire of women who adore it.

Indus valley women

In pre historic period saree was used by the women as a long dress which they rolled over themselves. This was observed in Indus Valley civilization. Back then there was no specific procedure to wear Saree.

Sangam age

It was women of Sangam age who first developed a procedure to wear saree. In those days women wore saree in a way that it was revealing their hip(belly region). Later when the society became patriarchal, women were imposed restrictions and they started hiding the belly region. This practice led to the modern procedure of wearing saree.

Unstitched dress

Those days, people considered wearing unstitched dress as a prestigious act and this led women to wear saree on occasions such as marriage, feast, public gatherings and meetings of greater importance which is being followed in the present as well.

Age of Mughals and British

It was only after the entry of mughals saree was decorated using stones, beads and various other decorating materials. Later in the British period, women started wearing inner skirts, blouses and then wearing saree over them. This was called as "Nivi style"

In those days silk saree was considered famous and cotton saree was seen as inferior and was avoided by rich women. Maharani(Queen) Indhiradevi was the one who introduced chiffon saree. Other famous personalities such as Jhansi Rani, Rudhrama Devi also wore saree throughout their fight over Britishers.

In South India, saree is being the most used attire within women but it was bollywood cinemas that made the different variety of saree famous among other parts of India. In olden days women wore saree and blouses in different colors but as years went by, they started wearing matching colors and now there are plenty of designs which women are wearing.

From Kashmir to kanyakumari women wear various types and designs of saree. There are about 80 varieties in saree, from Tamilnadu's kanchipuram saree to Varanasi's banaras saree, every state has their own style and variety.

It is estimated that around 38,000 crore worth trade is being done in sales of saree around the world!

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