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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Readers note: I write this article under my personal experience with cuemath ! Readers view may vary.

Online education

Online education has changed everything in a very short span of time. Now students can get degree from the comfort of their home and it is valued more than the college degree. Why do you think this is happening ? Well the answer is simple, its because the student themselves put lot of effort to practice out and understand. Another factor is that the student gets lots of free time and has time to apply what he or she has studied. So is online a future of education? It definitely is !

How do I choose an effective online platform for my kid ? This question is the most basic question of every parent who understands online education is the need of the hour. Let me share a few tips to follow before choosing an platform.

1.Global presence of an platform

2.Diverse curriculum

3.Trained teachers

4.Affordable fees

5.Best user friendly interface

6.High definite set of standards.

7. Child first mentality

These are some of the points every parent should look for while choosing a platform for their kid !

Why cuemath is a best option among all ?

I am going to answer this from my own experience as a teacher in cuemath. I am an engineering student and I was basically good at maths. But cuemath didn't hire me straight away , they had a dedicated platform and resources, team to train me, assess me , evaluate me and the whole process took more than a month, Finally I became the part of the cuemath family. This is how cuemath selects teachers. While other platforms just hire them through interviews rather than training. So the quality of teachers cuemath provide is of high standard. Next comes is their global presence. They have a large foothold in various countries and is still moving forward. There are many students who register into cuemath because of the quality they provide in their teaching. Cuemath's interface is developed very carefully that it helps child easily access it and enjoy the process of learning. It covers wide variety of syllabus form Indian to international curriculum. The fees cuemath offers is comparatively very less compared to other dominant big ed-tech companies nor any other company. So fees is never going to be an issue in cuemath.

Recently there are many news on child being abused in online classes.. In cuemath it will not be an issue because every class is closely monitored and the conversations teacher and student have, will be analysed and will be send to the particular teacher after every class. So this helps in improving the quality of teacher and also assures the safety of child. As I myself a young teacher, I give my 100 % all time in teaching a kid under me , I feed them the best knowledge which I feel I lacked when I was in school. I am happy to be a part of this community teaching the next generation of India. If you are reading this and you are a parent who wants their kid to be the part of this community, then do not hesitate to check us out. To book a demo class under me, register now by clicking the button below

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