Bad parenting or bad education?|

"That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind"

When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, they called it a big step in humanity. But what was behind this success was the huge development in science and technology. In one word "Education".

Now the question is,

How well is the Education system at present? Or

How well is the student parent mentality now ?

Consumer :"Hey there, can I order a pizza ?"

Seller :" Yes sure mam it will be on its way in 20 minutes!"

"Education is a process not a fast meal"

The present Education is just like a pizza and it is being delivered by personnel such as salesmen. Now who pays money for it ? Of course it's the parent !

And in other cases, the poor child who has no knowledge of pizza will be given something to eat.

Does education also need to be seen in terms of economics? Does it come under the dynamics of demand and supply ?

The answer is definitely NO!


Don't fall for Artificial demand!

"Hey Prabhu! My son earns 50,000 per month, he works as an engineer in some big company" said Rama. Prabhu after hearing this decided that his child is also going to be an engineer. Though himself is not aware of what engineering is. He then looks for various colleges. He was confused to choose which college is the best. So he asks someone else and they suggest a big college. The fees was enormous yet since many people are willing to get a seat, he puts his child there. Prabhu was relieved. He thought he had made the best decision for his child.

After 4 years, his child graduates into an engineer, who doesn't even know how to fix a broken tube light and seeks for an electrician's help ! Now was it the child's fault or is it Prabhu's fault?

The parent wants their child to succeed in their life and is willing to do anything and to any extent. This gives a chance for big institutions to exploit them. In this case Prabhu's child Athena was a good artist, She was a natural creator, She writes stories, designs character on her own. Now if Rama hadn't come into Prabhu's life maybe Athena would have pursued a best designing course, and might have become a very good creator the world has ever seen.

Always shut your ears to the society and try to find the hidden(its not hidden to be honest) skill in your child and then put all your effort into researching and finding the best path for your child. This is what a parent must do !

Good elementary education

It is true that a good base is necessary for any child. So focus on your child's basic education. Don't compromise in their basic education. When a child is being confused about a concept or is finding it difficult to understand, find the best teacher or resource that would help your child. This good basic education makes the child grow into a self learner and also an informed decision maker, which is a good thing for the future.

Habit of sharing !

We parents leave everything in the hands of the school and teacher. This certainly is not a good thing. Parents have to share what they know,

Where they work, how they work?

What is the scientific part involved in your work?

What are the challenges you face?

How much does a grocery cost ?

Why does it cost this much ?

How is a movie made ?

Why do people commit crime ?

What are the technology gadgets that were there in the past ?

The evolution of social standards?

Sounds a lot right? There are much more...It's just we think this is not the need of the hour, but remember history always repeats and the solution lies where the problem starts . Who knows! You could be the best teacher your child needs !


It's a very interesting factor as marriage plays a major role in education. A bachelor marries a bachelor's degree holder. A master's degree marrying a master's degree holder, doctorate marrying another doctorate. The whole society is trying to create a status of equality by which they are actually creating a state of inequality in the society. This in turn puts a pressure on the child to finish a PhD even if the child is ok with the bachelor's. Now this is another area where the people are being exploited and the are also pretty much ok with it. This again influences badly in the decision making power of parents.

Research and development

This might seem like it's for the scientist but even my mom is a researcher and her kitchen is the R and D lab. So create a space for your child as an R and D lab. Encourage them to do things which they study in theory. Now again you need not know all those projects and stuff. In this modern era everything is just a click away and all you have to do is type and search for it. This is what describes the best use of technology for the development of society.

Be a Modern parent!

When I say being a modern parent doesn't mean that I dress trendy and use modern cosmetics and stuff. Be modern in your mindset. Understand that you have to be an open book and also an ALL INDIA RADIO to deliver as well as listen to your kids. Do not expect your kids to learn new things when they don't even know how things were before, invest your time today in them so that they don't have to invest their time in discovering what you already know but rather are reluctant to talk about.

"Education is not about studying it is all about knowing things!"

Hope this changes the perspective of parenting. Wish you all good luck and happy parenting.

With love,

John sharon kumar J,

cuemath online educator.(present)

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